Thoughts from the Author… Come on down to the farm.

Today I was working away on my new novel Horse Power and I was getting more frustrated with this computer by the minute. So I grabbed the milk jugs and walked down to our grand daughters place about a half … Continue reading

Change comes to us all…

The Horsefly  River collects the water shed from this part of the Cariboo mountain range, as it wanders along through the Horsefly River Valley into Quesnel Lake, one of the deepest fiords in North America, if not the world. From … Continue reading

Hunting Sheep in Fort Nelson

Sharing this image of Sheep hunting in the Fort Nelson area above the Racing River, where we stopped for a wee break. No, we didn’t shoot any sheep, but sure saw lots, and the scenery made it worth the effort. … Continue reading

Hunting Memories

Our camp was a very nice spot for those that were using quads, but my horses ate grass, and none grew there. So every day I would ride up into the alpine to feed my horses. While they were filling … Continue reading

No Passport Needed

The other morning I was adding some water to the horse trough, as I was sitting there I was enjoying the bright blue sky and the scattered cloud pattern, I noticed an eagle riding the thermal air current. There was … Continue reading

Great review for A Hunting We Did Go

“A Hunting We Did Go – True Mountain Adventure” by Lloyd Antypowich “If you need a moment to escape the hectic city pace, grab Lloyd’s book and get yourself into a comfortable chair and relax as you join Lloyd on … Continue reading