Elks Hall in Williams Lake Event a Success!

A special Thank you to Carmen Schwarz and her terrific team for great job they did at the Early Bird Christmas Craft Fair at the Elks Hall in Williams Lake. I had a fabulous weekend, filled with book sales and … Continue reading

Just Try

My books are brimming with humor, hope, adventure, love of life and nature. As well as determination, achievement, disappointments, fear of failure and life lived to its fullest!  I hope you enjoy them and stay tuned because I am also … Continue reading

Horse Sense

“I love horses very much! Dally, my old Appy, was such a trustworthy old horse for riding and hunting” Excerpt from “A Hunting We Did Go” Click the link to purchase “A Hunting We Did Go” … Continue reading

The School of Mother Nature

“For me, going into the mountains for three weeks at a time was far more than a hunting trip. It was like going back to school where I could learn the language of the animals of the wild and the … Continue reading

A tribute to my daughter Cherie: “A Chip Off the Old Block”

My new book is a tribute to my daughter Cherie. ‘A Chip Off The Old Block’ reveals the true life story and experiences of Cherie Jackson, a flat-lander who chose to live life in the mountains and valleys of British … Continue reading

Hot off the presses “Horns and Hair of the High Country”

Horns and Hair of the High Country is a fictionalized presentation of the author’s extensive understanding of elk, grizzly bear, mountain goat, sheep, and the caribou, written from the animal’s point of view. He inserts informative information about nature into … Continue reading

Reconnect With Nature

This is a picture of Sustat Lake from my book ” A Hunting We Did Go” Please click here for information on ” A Hunting We Did Go”   I hope you enjoy my website and please feel free to … Continue reading