Thoughts from the Author: Why I love to live in Horsefly…

  It’s one’s own perception as to why we like our Province, town or home. There are many reasons why I love to live in Horsefly, but here are just a few… I love nature, and from my window I … Continue reading

Memories of Hunting with Dad

Yes, I have witnessed many moose encounters… like the video below. One fall it was late in the rut when my dad called me up and said “I would sure like to go out moose hunting one more time”. … Continue reading

Jan 31st Thoughts of the day…

The thing I like about living in Horsefly is the ever changing scenery and all the animals that show up at this time of the year. Maybe the deep snow has something to do with it. On our way up … Continue reading

Into the Wild

My books are brimming with humor, hope, adventure, love of life and nature. As well as determination, achievement, disappointments, fear of failure and life lived to its fullest!  I hope you enjoy them. I am also hard at work getting … Continue reading