Thoughts from the Author: Looking back on my life…

When my wife Gloria and I look back at our wedding photo, we may have had some idea of what we hoped to achieve. Today, 54 years later, ( April 1st was our anniversary) we are going to see our … Continue reading

A tribute to my Daughter…

“A Chip off the Old Block” is a tribute to my second oldest daughter, Cherie. She inspired me to write this story. It takes a special character for people to notice one, good or otherwise. She has been such an … Continue reading

February 3rd Thoughts From the Author

When it comes to the word “hunting”, there is sometimes a misinterpretation of the meaning. Hunting means to look for,( ie ) you can hunt for treasures lost years ago by ships that sank for various reasons. You can hunt … Continue reading

Why I write…

  Life is a journey and while we are in the present it is easy for all to fallow, but once in the past the trail becomes a shadow until it can no longer be fallowed. When I wrote From … Continue reading

Blaze Your Own Trail

This quote epitomizes my daughter Cherie. I see her as a person that has not chosen a path in life that has led her on the road where others have paved the way, but has chosen instead to blaze a … Continue reading