Thoughts from the Author…

Thoughts from Lloyd Antypowich Author… re my five star Amazon Review of “Chip off the Old Block” Loved it! By Gisela Hausmann on July 21, 2015   Format: Paperback Verified Purchase I love Lloyd Antypowich’s books. Ever since I have … Continue reading

Hunting Memories

Our camp was a very nice spot for those that were using quads, but my horses ate grass, and none grew there. So every day I would ride up into the alpine to feed my horses. While they were filling … Continue reading

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014!After living through seventy six of them one might think oh just one more of the same old thing. But let’s give credit to where credit is due. I don’t know why I am still here and … Continue reading

Book Signing December 17th 2 PM at Open Book in Williams Lake BC

I will be having a book signing at The “Open Book” bookstore in Williams Lake British Columbia, Tuesday, December, 17th at 2 PM. If you are in the vicinity drop by and say hello! Please share this information with friends … Continue reading

Cabin in the Woods

  This is one of the many cabins I have stayed in. What made this cabin so memorable was the snow had collapsed one side of the roof in and when we got there we had to become carpenters before … Continue reading


Cherie, is very much like me. She is a trailblazer who shares my determination and love for the mountains. I wrote ” A Chip off the Old Block” as a tribute to her, Click the link to purchase  A Chip … Continue reading

Respect for Nature

My roots go back to a long line of hunters and gatherers and I am still inclined to enjoy living off the land.However,I do think we need to pay more attention to Mother Nature.We should only take what we need … Continue reading

Elks Hall in Williams Lake Event a Success!

A special Thank you to Carmen Schwarz and her terrific team for great job they did at the Early Bird Christmas Craft Fair at the Elks Hall in Williams Lake. I had a fabulous weekend, filled with book sales and … Continue reading

A Trip to Africa: The Realization of a Dream as told by Cherie Jackson

“For us, a trip to Africa was always one of those ‘Wouldn’t it be nice? Can you imagine?’ It was always in the back of our minds that someday we would go. Well, I guess all that positive energy and … Continue reading

Just Try

My books are brimming with humor, hope, adventure, love of life and nature. As well as determination, achievement, disappointments, fear of failure and life lived to its fullest!  I hope you enjoy them and stay tuned because I am also … Continue reading