Thoughts from the Author Re: Cougars

The cougar is a wild animal and normally looks to deer elk and even moose for its food supply. But under certain conditions when the snow is deep or the cat is old and may have bad teeth, it will … Continue reading

Hunting Sheep in Fort Nelson

Sharing this image of Sheep hunting in the Fort Nelson area above the Racing River, where we stopped for a wee break. No, we didn’t shoot any sheep, but sure saw lots, and the scenery made it worth the effort. … Continue reading

Hunting Memories

Our camp was a very nice spot for those that were using quads, but my horses ate grass, and none grew there. So every day I would ride up into the alpine to feed my horses. While they were filling … Continue reading

Great review for A Hunting We Did Go

“A Hunting We Did Go – True Mountain Adventure” by Lloyd Antypowich “If you need a moment to escape the hectic city pace, grab Lloyd’s book and get yourself into a comfortable chair and relax as you join Lloyd on … Continue reading

Great Review of A Hunting We Did Go From a Young Reader

“Hey Lloyd I am 13 and I absolutely loved your book the great detail and the humour. I am from Williams lake, and I love to hunt around here its great! and I too love to fish on Quesnel Lake … Continue reading

Memories of Hunting with Dad

Yes, I have witnessed many moose encounters… like the video below. One fall it was late in the rut when my dad called me up and said “I would sure like to go out moose hunting one more time”. … Continue reading

For the Love of Horses…

God made horses from the breath of the wind, the beauty of the earth and the soul of an angel…. ~ Unknown I have always had a real love for horses, any horse lovers out there stop by and leave … Continue reading

Lay Creek Valley Hunting Trip with Appaloosa

In this photo, we had just arrived at camp two on a hunting trip in the Lay Creek valley. As you can see we had not unsaddled the horses yet. The Appaloosa horse in the picture is one that I … Continue reading