Countdown to Christmas…

Countdown to Christmas…


Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given–when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes. ~ Joan Winmill Brown

Great Stocking Stuffer!

“Grasshopper McLain and Gotleep the Frog” is my book for the kiddies to help them learn all about nature in a very enjoyable way. if you want one let me know I have a few available for purchase.
This makes a great stocking stuffer. Just email me at and I can give you the details on how you can get your copy.

Thank You Williams Lake & District Visitor Centre

infocentreThank you to TayLor Williams and the rest of the staff at the Williams Lake & District Visitor Centre for hosting a craft sale at that awesome venue yesterday, November 21. I am pleased to know that people are still buying my books to give as Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers, even though I didn’t get a new one published in 2015. I am working on two more now. One is a children’s book and the other is one that I believe has great potential to be very successful. It is called “Horsepower” and I am working on endorsements for it prior to publication. This is exciting for me! Thanks to Lucy Wright who took this picture of Gloria and I.

A Thank you and Update from the Author…

thankyouI would like to say a big thank you to all the people who put on the Christmas Craft Sale at the Elks Hall. Very well done. Every day we learn something new. And this year, the Craft Sale taught me something new. It was so uplifting to hear so many people say that they had read all my books and wanted to know if I had a new one out. Well….. the old horse don’t run as fast as he used to, and I had to tell them, not quite. But the old horse is still running and the next one should be called, ‘Horse Power’. All well and willing I should have it for you at the next fall fair.

I would like to thank you all for spreading the word, It means so much to hear some one who I have never met before tell me that a friend told him of a book that they had read and liked so they bought one and really enjoyed it. That is what it takes to keep my wheels turning, and I really do appreciate it so very much. I have to tell you that I have real stiff competition now, My wife Gloria was doing a real good job of cutting into the numbers of book that I sold. And Pat, you old fox……ha, you sure know how to work the ladies. I have to tell you folks, he bought all four of her books, and never even bought one of mine. You know it took me three years to do that and here she does it the first year that she puts her books out. And to a guy at that. I have been working on that one ever since we got home. Is it that she is that much better looking, or are her books just that good?I think it must be that the books are that good. Thank you all once again we had a great time, all the best.

Oh did you know that a book is like an apple? You have to take a bite to know just how sweet it can be…….. Have a good one.

Lloyd Antypowich Author