Good Luck Moose:Thoughts from the Author

mooseToday is such a great day to be alive, that I just had to get out and go for a walk. I love to get out into the bush and see how all the rest of the animals are living and It helped to reaffirm what the dog was barking at during the night.

The moose have come in real close to the buildings, even in spite of the dog barking at them. It was the wolves that were trying to kill them, and they are coming in really close at night and there was a sign of where they were harassing the moose.

I could put the dog in at night but I don’t want the moose to eat my fruit trees, which they have developed a great taste for. So in that respect the dog is doing her job. Hope the wolves will soon move on, and leave these poor moose alone. Spring is on their side now, if we don’t get another big dump of snow. Good luck to the moose!

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