A tribute to my Daughter…

“A Chip off the Old Block” is a tribute to my second oldest daughter, Cherie. She inspired me to write this story. It takes a special character for people to notice one, good or otherwise. She has been such an inspiration not only to her two children but also to all of us that have an open mind, to choose not to judge, but to take one for what they really are. To some, she will be an inspiration for her love and kindness or maybe for her love for music or the love she has for the outdoors and those magnificent mountains that she so dearly loves. But to me, as her father, it runs a little deeper than that. I see her as a person that has not chosen a path in life that has led her on the road that others have paved the way but has chosen instead to blaze a trail and accept the easy times with the hard times and make the best of it.

For such a little person, her tolerance of fear is so high, and that may be because of the way she sees things in life. There is no doubt she guides her life in a little different way than most of us. Her positive attitude makes her what she is. I gave this story the name I did because she loves so many of the same things that I do, yet she came in such a small package and has done such a good job of it.

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