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Thoughts from Lloyd Antypowich Author… re my five star Amazon Review of “Chip off the Old Block”

By Gisela Hausmann on July 21, 2015

"A Chip Off The Old Block"

“A Chip Off The Old Block”


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I love Lloyd Antypowich’s books. Ever since I have accepted that in this lifetime I won’t be able to see all the world’s wonders I want to see I decided to simply read up on adventures I may not be able to experience. Hiking in the Canadian wilderness is one of these adventures. Author Lloyd Antypowich happens to be an expert in this field. The Canadian wilderness close to Horsefly, Canada is his backyard.“A Chip Off The Old Block” is his daughter Cherie, who inherited her love for the great outdoors from her father. She does what I probably won’t be able to do, she treks the wilderness, guides hunters and cooks for them, sleeps in lodges and even experiences heart stopping adventures.“… It was then that she saw the two grizzly bears. They were still quite a ways from her camp, so she sat down with her gun and camera at her side and proceeded to write in her journal. When she looked up again, there were the two grizzly bears not a hundred yards away, sitting and looking at her camp. She thought, Oh great. She got her gun and went into the horse fence. This was the first time she had seen a grizzly bear so close. She took some pictures, but the grizzly bears kept coming closer….”Since I don’t do spoilers you’ll have to find out for yourself what happened.

The reader can connect with nature; reading this book is the next best thing to actually being there. Set aside adventures with grizzly bears I wanted to be there and see the lodges in the wilderness and the trails with an “… abundance of large blueberries and huckleberries …”, which would be served with fresh pancakes. Cherie also bakes fresh bread herself (I love eating fresh bread just like the hunters in the book.

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Thank you Gisela Hausmann for the wonderful review that you gave Chip Off The Old Block. Receiving reviews positive reviews add strength to new authors like me. It means more than receiving that royalty check. In the world of writing, we struggle to put a story together that will capture the attention of the reader and hope that we have told it in a way that is interesting and exciting. Having people tell you that they enjoyed the book so much that they felt like they were riding along with you, is so inspiring.

As an author I believe, it is so important to know your subject. There is nothing more disappointing than reading a book where the author lacks true understanding of their subject. You truly inspired me with your review Gisela. Having it come from someone as professional as you gives it all the more meaning. It makes me want to read the book again. We need to help show the reading public that there are authors out there that are doing a great job of entertaining the reading public.
Thank you again so much… Lloyd

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