Thoughts from the Author… Come on down to the farm.

Today I was working away on my new novel Horse Power and I was getting more frustrated with this computer by the minute. So I grabbed the milk jugs and walked down to our grand daughters place about a half … Continue reading

Reading time for Lloyd Antypowich Author

Well I finished reading Grasshopper Mc Lain and Gotleep the Frog to the kids today. When I came into the school library they were waiting for me. So they all gathered around and we finished the story. One little fellow … Continue reading

Change comes to us all…

The Horsefly  River collects the water shed from this part of the Cariboo mountain range, as it wanders along through the Horsefly River Valley into Quesnel Lake, one of the deepest fiords in North America, if not the world. From … Continue reading

The Author Goes Back to School

Well the big day has come. I went back to school, and you know I had a blast! Actually I didn’t really go back to school for an education, but rather to read my new kid’s book, “Grasshopper McClain and … Continue reading

Hunting Sheep in Fort Nelson

Sharing this image of Sheep hunting in the Fort Nelson area above the Racing River, where we stopped for a wee break. No, we didn’t shoot any sheep, but sure saw lots, and the scenery made it worth the effort. … Continue reading