Lay Creek Valley Hunting Trip with Appaloosa

laycreek valley hunting trip with appaloosaIn this photo, we had just arrived at camp two on a hunting trip in the Lay Creek valley. As you can see we had not unsaddled the horses yet.

The Appaloosa horse in the picture is one that I raised and at the time of that hunting trip, was thirty-three years old. He had done everything on a ranch that a horse could do, and was my favorite when I went out hunting. When I shot my Grizzly I capped him out and tied his hide on behind the saddle and rode back to camp… it takes a special horse to do that.

Today my granddaughter raises Appaloosa horses and some characteristics are in her horses. It is so good to see her carry on with the breed. Her new stud is “homozygous” which means he has the positive gene in him so he will most always produce colored colts.

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