Great review for A Hunting We Did Go

“A Hunting We Did Go – True Mountain Adventure” by Lloyd Antypowich

“If you need a moment to escape the hectic city pace, grab Lloyd’s book and get book
yourself into a comfortable chair and relax as you join Lloyd on his adventures.

Lloyd captures the essence of being in the wilderness with his careful attention to
detail. If you let your mind relax, you quickly feel like you are on the hillside with
Lloyd, glassing for animals or sitting by the campfire reminiscing of the day’s
events. Lloyd shares it all and you get to muse, “glad I’m indoors reading while
Lloyd is out in the snow getting cold”.

This book is absolutely full of adventure, supported by many pictures that will tickle
the fancy of anyone who loves the great outdoors. Hunting provides so many
blessings, apart from the freezer full of the finest meat, and Lloyd captures the big
picture. It’s the planning and dreaming months and weeks before the ‘big hunt’that
catches us all. Then there is the journey and setting up camp – thanks for the many
tips on how to make camp even more functional and cozy. The scenery and

weather systems that move in and out, the unpredictable encounters with wildlife,
these are all shared and easily vault the reader into reflections of personal hunting

Thank you Lloyd, for sharing your adventures. There’s no better place to take a
holiday than in the wilderness!”  Dean McGeough

Dean McGeough is a professional forester who lives in Sooke, BC with his wife
Roxane. Dean often travels around the province of BC working and/or exploring and
hunting. Camp hunting is our family’s favorite vacation get away.


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