Good Luck to the Ranchers

This time of the year the little lambs and calves are being born all over the place. The calving yards are most likely a busy place! Since I once did that for a living, it brings back memories of when … Continue reading

My Pet Fox

When I was younger I caught a fox in one of my mink traps. I put a collar on him and tethered him with a chain. My Mom learned to hate him because he challenged her. He never became tame … Continue reading

Lay Creek Valley Hunting Trip with Appaloosa

In this photo, we had just arrived at camp two on a hunting trip in the Lay Creek valley. As you can see we had not unsaddled the horses yet. The Appaloosa horse in the picture is one that I … Continue reading

February 3rd Thoughts From the Author

When it comes to the word “hunting”, there is sometimes a misinterpretation of the meaning. Hunting means to look for,( ie ) you can hunt for treasures lost years ago by ships that sank for various reasons. You can hunt … Continue reading