Cabin in the Woods

  This is one of the many cabins I have stayed in. What made this cabin so memorable was the snow had collapsed one side of the roof in and when we got there we had to become carpenters before … Continue reading


Cherie, is very much like me. She is a trailblazer who shares my determination and love for the mountains. I wrote ” A Chip off the Old Block” as a tribute to her, Click the link to purchase  A Chip … Continue reading

Why I was Inspired to Write “Louisiana Man”

The story of the Louisiana Man is a very compelling story that needed to be told before it became a shadow only to be lost in time. I was just a boy of nineteen and he was seventy seven, when … Continue reading

Why I write…

  Life is a journey and while we are in the present it is easy for all to fallow, but once in the past the trail becomes a shadow until it can no longer be fallowed. When I wrote From … Continue reading

“Louisiana Man” – Read an Excerpt…

There was never a stronger desire that flows through the veins of a Louisiana man to be a cowboy than in Tom Menzer. At nineteen, he had made a good start to do that, but Pontchartrain, Louisiana, did not seem … Continue reading

My books and I will be at Big Lake Craft Sale at the Community Hall November 16th 10 AM-3PM

My books and I will be at the Big Lake Community Hall Saturday November 16th,2013 10 AM- 3 PM right across from the Big Lake Elementary School—and the post office, Click on the link to purchase and find information on … Continue reading

Respect for Nature

My roots go back to a long line of hunters and gatherers and I am still inclined to enjoy living off the land.However,I do think we need to pay more attention to Mother Nature.We should only take what we need … Continue reading

Into the Wild

My books are brimming with humor, hope, adventure, love of life and nature. As well as determination, achievement, disappointments, fear of failure and life lived to its fullest!  I hope you enjoy them. I am also hard at work getting … Continue reading

Horns and Hair of the High County Now in Ebook Format

“Horns and Hair of the High Country” now available in Ebook format! To purchase this book and my other books click on the link “Horns and Hair of the High Country” … Continue reading