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Hello Folks!

My name is Lloyd Antypowich and from the time I was a youngster I had a dream that one day I would own a ranch in the mountains.  Making my dream a reality wasn’t easy,  but I had determination and I wasn’t afraid of hard work. Now I am retired and living on my ranch in Horsefly, British Columbia, Canada. I look back over my life in amazement at all the territory I covered – the different things I have done and the life I have lived.  I have enjoyed every minute of it and would not change anything! With my new website I want to take you back to simpler times what some call “the good old days” and share my stories, pictures and maybe even make you feel a little nostalgic for your own good old days.

“Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.”  ~Doug Larson

I also realized another dream and that was to become a published author…
As of 2013, I have had two books published:

My first book is called “A Hunting We Did Go”

This book is about about my “true mountain adventures”. You will learn some of the most stunning and fascinating insights about hunting animals and through my words, experience nature in all her glory.


  • Published by Xlibris 2012
  • 231 pages with photos
  • Available in hard copy, paperback and e-book formats

“From his personal experience and firsthand knowledge of the subject and the settings, the author has woven a compelling read that shares the reality of hunting in the mountains.”

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My second book is called “From Moccasins to Cowboy Boots”

This book is all about my history and the trials and tribulations I experienced  realizing my dream of owning my own ranch in the mountains.

  •  frommoccasinstocowboyPublished by Xlibris 2013
  • 427 pages with photos
  • Available in hard copy, paperback and e-book formats

“This is a simple account of his determination to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a ranch in the mountains and make cowboy boots his daily wear. When he met obstacles, he worked to find a way around them or over the top of them. He wouldn’t consider the concept of failure and he didn’t understand the words “no,” “you can’t,” or “it’s impossible.” It is a tale of courage,humor, ingenuity, and determination.”

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Recently Published “A Chip Off the Old Block”  achipofftheoldblock

This book is a tribute to my second oldest daughter, Cherie. She inspired me to write this story. It takes a special character for people to notice one, good or otherwise. She has been such an inspiration not only to her two children but also to all of us that have an open mind, to choose not to judge, but to take one for what they really are.

To some, she will be an inspiration for her love and kindness or maybe for her love for music or the love she has for the outdoors and those magnificent mountains that she so dearly loves. But to me, as her father, it runs a little deeper than that.

  • Published by Xlibris 2012
  • 97 pages with photos
  • Available in hard copy, paperback and e-book formats

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Newly published “Horns and Hair of the High Country”hornsandhair
Horns and Hair of the High Country is a fictionalized presentation of the author’s extensive understanding of elk, grizzly bear, mountain goat, sheep, and the caribou, written from the animal’s point of view. He inserts informative information about nature into each story, and at the end, he shares with the reader some real-life experiences from the human point of view.

For Lloyd Antypowich, going into the mountains for three weeks at a time was far more than a hunting trip. It was like going back to school where he could learn the language of the animals of the wild and the untamed country, where he could get in tune with Mother Nature.

  • Published by Xlibris 2013
  • 109 pages with photos
  • Available in hard copy, paperback and e-book formats

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Louisianna Man Cover_0001 - Copy

‘Louisiana Man’ is an accurate portrayal of the classic cowboy hero Author Lloyd Antypowich has written a truly entertaining western story that captures the essence of the Wild West CANADA – Cowboys have long been admired as fearless and self-sufficient men who transport herds of cattle through treacherous cattle trails, braving harsh terrain, rattlesnakes and the ever present threat of aggression from Native American tribes like the Apaches and Sioux. And throughout history, American culture has used the cowboy as a symbol of independence and ruggedness.

In “Louisiana Man” author and veteran huntsman Lloyd Antypowich has written an exciting western that captures the immortal romanticism of the iconic cowboy. This story revolves around the exciting life of young Tom Mentzer who, since childhood has had only one all-consuming dream, to be a cowboy. And so upon reaching the tender age of nineteen, he packs up his things, says goodbye to his parents and leaves the family ranch to find greener pastures. He travels to Texas and befriends a well respected ranch owner named Ross O’Riley along with a tough half Mexican named Mex and a half Apache name Patchy.

He soon establishes himself as a well respected cowboy and is quite happy with his lot. That is until one night, he and his friends are attacked by a group of rowdy cowboys, and a gunfight ensues ending with the death of one of the attackers and the maiming of another. Tom is soon forced to run for his life after a bounty is put on his head by the slain men’s father, who happens to be a rich ranch owner. Because of this, he is forced to flee and live life as an outlaw. “Louisiana Man” is a truly entertaining read that accurately portrays life in the Wild West. This book captures the true essence of Wild West life, complete with great characters and accurate settings that will surely please anyone who loves the Western genre.

  • Published by Xlibris 2013
  • 180 pages
  • Available in hard copy, paperback and e-book formats

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I am also hard at work getting more books ready for publication. I will keep you posted on when they will be available for purchase.

I hope you enjoy my website and please feel free to leave a comment or just say hello –  your feedback is VERY much appreciated.

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